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drawn with the circuit below take a look at. For example: Comprehensive brightness: Brief circuit or incredibly heavy load - a fault likely remains to be existing. In the beginning bright but then settles at diminished brightness: Filter capacitors charge, then lessen latest to rest of circuit. This is what is anticipated when the equipment is working Typically.

This was never designed clear. I don't know why, but I often assumed Blanche and George moved to Miami once the Children ended up grown.

And on the topic of champagne, r181, how about teenage Stan and Dorothy supposedly consuming Dom Perignon at a cafe when he proposed (she swallowed the engagement ring he had concealed in her glass and later shit it out)?

Many thanks R33. I have been wondering if Most likely they had the air conditioning on but who'd convert it on so significant which you then have to placed on a jumper. Sophia is often in a very wool cardigan much too.

thanks all for submitting your findings of issues with episodes. Some had been said in earlier threads, and many ended up new. A lot of the posts experienced me laughing to tears.

Could it be inconsistent that Dorothy, who we are ordinarily imagined to believe that is sensible, cannot answer even The straightforward thoughts on "Get That Dough", or should really we choose this for a subtle indicator on the writers' portion that Dorothy is all chat and is actually just as dumb as the rest of them?

And I browse someplace that to become on Property Hunters, you might want to have now bought a residence or not less than have one in escrow before the producers will even speak with you.

We should also provide a shout-out to Ellen Albertini Dow, whose star change as Lillian (who the ladies liberate from sub-conventional nursing dwelling Sunny Pastures) was sandwiched in between appearances to be a client for the clinic where Sophia volunteers who Sophia offers bouquets to to generate her truly feel superior and as a resident on the nursing property exactly where Dorothy tricks Sophia into imagining she's functions director. Along with the Distinctive shout-out is because the actress remains to be alive at age ninety nine!!

Visions of 25,000 V going straight by my upper body built all of it somewhat Frightening. :) First ever repair (This can be genuine!): taught my mother ways to wire up a home (e.g. at ability meter) fuse due to the fact I would watched my Father get it done (he is excellent at this kind of thing at the same time. :) Age? Five. A Tv set having a damaged tuner, were to a restore store 2 times, they'd provided up on it. Been given it free of charge, learned the composite video in worked good, so ran twenty ft. of cable to some spare movie downstairs (there was no aerial in my place, see). Should repair that tuner someday... A CDROM push which couldn't read through in the vicinity of the edge of some discs. Disassembled full device, (sooner or later) reassembled it, found out that I was the spring which holds the CD down. Preset by plugging into Laptop or computer, jogging a cdrom and wiggling the spring with my finger until eventually I felt the least vibration. Even now is effective good, While I am changing it soon which has a a lot quicker unit. The dropped Television set by using a crack for the corner with the mainboard. Fixed all of the cracks by patching with wire, Tv set approximately blew up in my face (that's why, beware of CRTs). Thank goodness with the fuses... this tiny incident put me off restoring TVs for more than a calendar year. It absolutely was sooner or later chucked, a failure.

R424 has a degree. Mary Richards was at first published being a divorcée, even so the community would not allow it.

Don't forget the episode where your house was broken into and Rose thinks they had been just after medications and Dorothy says, "Now we have Malox and estrogen?"

Also: At 1 point With this episode, Sophia says she and Sal were married fifty-two many years, and at An additional level from the episode she tells a story of her and Sal staying newlyweds in 1931. As a result, if Sal died in 1983, he experienced only been useless for 2 a long time in the event the series started.

R223, would you claim that young people/early twenty calendar year olds nowadays are pop culture conscious? Are you aware a large number of of these You should not know that "King Kong" was a remake and which the "Charlie's Angels" motion pictures had been dependant on a Tv set demonstrate?

[quote]A single costume that doesn't ring correct to me: Rose sporting a red blouse along with her black suit website to Aunt Gretchen's funeral.

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